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What features must a knex assault rifle have? Answered

 I want to make a knex assault rifle for myself, but don't really know what makes a gun an assault rifle. What features must be included in this type?


well to be considered decent in this day and age a knex assault rifle must have these things:
-An automatic feeding system (turret or mag usually)
-A range of at least 40 feet (the more range the better)
-A true trigger (if it does not have this it will receive hate comments)
-A pin guide (not actually nessesary but it does help the gun alot)
-Some sort of a sight (again not nessesary but it is good to have)
these are extra features that make the gun better
-A removable magazine (faster reloads)
-A rail system (can put on lots of accessories like sights)
-A trigger guard

Other than that anything goes

The only real criterion is that it has to be mid sized, and has to have a mag, plus reasonable ROF.  Features and a bunch of other stuff are up to you.

Some of the more famous assault weapons are guns like ZKAR, Z35, AR-4 v3, BAW (basic assault weapon) and the Knexsayer.