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What gun is this? Answered

I bought a nerf gun and plan to mod it, but i don't know what type it is to look up how, can you help me This is the pic of it


Airtech 3000

what mods did you do to it

I stripped it down and turned it into a wrist shooter, it was pretty sweet

i think that is a air tech 2K but i could be wrong. it is a air tech something through.

no problem, i am always happy to help a fellow nerfer :-) so do you mod them? or just collect hem? or nether?

ooooh, cool, i'm making this one into a wrist shooter, like spiderman :D

I mod them, just started a while ago, i buy them from yard sales and second hand stores, then i keep them or sell them, i got that one in the picture for 50 cents