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What happend to the favorites button. Answered

OK Who's the idiot that's trying to justify there job with the site down grade and yes it is a down grade in my opinion.
This site Instuctables is my go to place for how toes , wish I'd thought of that and to share ideas learn new skills. I spent a week trying to work out what was wrong with my computer. I thought there was a setting problem or graphics card problem only to find out that it,s not my end but your end with a format update.

Where to start, how bout the endless white back ground. It burns my eyes after a few minutes. the pics are way to big. What happened to the favorites button ? I have over 1100 favorites saved . I save the posts I like for reference to make review build or cook latter. But this option seems to be gone. What I would like to see is some way to save my favorites in there categories like food workshop home outdoors this would help looking for posts easier to find instead of the random order they were saved in.

Is there any way to go back to the old format and let your fans choose, like ( stay on old old format or up date to new format ) but with the option to go back to the old if you don,t like it. I know the sits may have some issues that i'm not a where off and you work hard behind the seens to keep everything running smooth. I think you went to far to quick. You may loose fan over this I mite be one of them. This all may sound very harsh and it's meant to I'm try to get my point across that i don't like the new format. I only say all this out of LOVE for this site. Please don't let it fall on deaf ears. thanks JIMWI


How can I be nice and say what I need to say to web designers that change something for the sake of change and simply make the user experience worse?

It is better to speak up and have your say, than to sit and stew and say nothing.

Speak from the hart. I spoke up because I love this site and the people round the world that share there knowledge. Never be affrayed to share views, just don't hate others for theres.


4 months ago

Thanks to every one that replied and left comments.

I did get a reply from the Instructables team just after I posted and thought i would share it with everyone.

Hello Jim,

Thank you for taking the time to write in with your feedback and concerns. We are always appreciative of long time members such as yourself that care about the community as much as we do.

The update to the site is a first iteration and will have many improvements such as smaller image size. This is a request that many user have made and we are listening!

PDF downloads and the ability to favorite an instructable as still available features on our site. To favorite an instructable, scroll down the page until the header changes, then you will see the favorite 'heart' button in the top right:

Your idea of splitting up individual favorites into categories is a great one! I will be sure to pass that along for future development ideas!

There isn't a way to revert back to the old format, but as mentioned before, we are continually improving it to make a better community experience overall.

Thank you for your patience and for being a valuable member of the community for nearly 10 years. If you ever think of any other site improvements, please let us know as we take them very seriously!

Hey to answer the "favorite's" part of your topic:

If you go to an instructable that you'd like to favorite, and scroll down, a bar will appear along the top of the screen. This bar includes such things like following the author, favoriting the instructable , jumping to the comments section and other ways to share :)

If you are looking for instructables that you have already favorited, click the "you" drop down menu in the top right corner, select the "you" option. This will take you to your individual instructables profile page. Under your profile info at the top is a long option bar with things like instructables, discussions, collections and favorites. Click the favorite's to view your favorites.

I hope this helps

Was it made solely to trigger the compulsive scrolling in users. "Oh well I started scrolling anyway, so, I guess, I'll just continue a bit more... and more... and more.... and I HAVE TO SCROLL EVERYTHING!!!".

If it so... it's just so cheap...

Yes this did help. I thank you.

I agree with jimwi. That white background makes everything on page look much less organized, especially if photos with white background are used, like, for example, here:


Bigger photos just make me scroll that much more. It was ok before changes: for the most part it was enough for mr to get the general idea from smaller photo and I could enlarge it if more details were neded. And the font is too large, and I don't even have that big of a monitor or a very good sight.

It all may be good for mobile devices, but it doesn't work for me on PC.

I'm thinking it's been optimised for mobile devices - I know well over half of UK internet use is now on phones & tablets, I wouldn't be surprised if the US were heading the same way.


5 months ago

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