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What happened to my yoghurt ? Answered

I had a small fruit yoghurt and when I licked the cover it stung my tongue.
Before I opened it the lid was swollen but the expiration date was two weeks away.
It wasn't moldy , didn't smell off, just stung pretty bad.

What happened to it?



Write down any plant address, production codes, UPC and anything like that.  On the product itself you might see a 1800 number.  call that and ask to speak with quality assurance. Its best to have the container in front of you.

Then, speak slowly, identify yourself and ask THEM the question.   If its a potential problem they will let you know.  (they also may send you out coupons for free yogurt)

Some products are naturally swollen and what may be a defect in one food product may not be in another.

in most dairy products the bacteria that causes spoilage grow more rapidly then those that make you sick.


8 years ago

If the lid is swollen, it is contaminated. Full stop.

When you buy anything in a tin/pot etc., with a lid....'burp' it! Swollen or not, if you get a slight audible sound, because the lid is dispersing air as it is pressed down-don't touch it with a bargepole! Air born bacteria have got into the product.

Though yoghurt is sour-ish, it can still be 'off'. The;.....how do I explain this, I'm not scientific or technical..., the er, 'vapours/gases' formed from the contamination are trapped under the lid/'roof'. They are at their most intense there-that is why it 'burned' on your tongue.

I'll bet the lid was lifted ore not sealed properly.

The cap or body may have been inadvertently punctured.

You should not even taste food products that come from packaging that has swollen, due to the bacterial mechanisms that often cause the swelling. Don't assume it was just a simple case of rampant yeast production, or that any such yeast is benign. Taste is not sufficient to determine whether something is still safe to eat. Many have died after eating canned food that contained the bacteria responsible for botulism (sp) without any discernible change in taste to the contaminated food.


8 years ago

My guess is that somewhere along the way to your refrigerator, the yogurt was warmed up enough that the bacteria again became active.
When buying yogurt at the store, make sure the lid or cup isn't bulging, and keep it in a cool chest until you get it home and into your fridge.
Check any that you may have left, if any of them don't seem right, return them to your market and exchange them.

I'd be interested in knowing also.  I toss those that are "pressurized".  I don't like milk products anyway.  It's hard for me when I think there perfect.