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What happened to search by top rated? Answered

Well, I Went to go and check what the top-rated thing in knex was, so I went and put in knex, pressed graphical search, and rating wasn't there to click! All of the other stuff was though.... It's really weird. Maybe someone else should see if they have this problem...



8 years ago

i hate it too!!!

Your P90 Is on the third page!!!!!! :-D

i know, i hope the other new slideshow will be on the 1st page, then the ible...

not yet, its gonna take a while... and its also got realistic magazines!

Okay. I'm making a Thompson. It's gonna be great. (I watched a WW2 movie last night, and I want to make one)

To get it to work, you have to get to the knex part of the play section. Then sort by a different type such as recent. Replace "RECENT" (or whatever it is) in the URL with "rating". There you go.


Yeah it's gone, which sucks because now we all have to sift through the slush-pile to get what we're looking for. Way-to-go Instructables, you really screwed up something that was perfect to begin with.

man, that REALLY sucks. I used it like, everyday! It was awesome!