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What happened to the Play with Clay Challenge? Answered

So, awhile ago I got the instructables authors newsletter, and they showed a schedule of upcoming contests. I started making an 'ible for one of them, and now the contest isn't showing up, even though it was supposed to open a week ago. This is the "Polyform Play with Clay Challenge"... I haven't seen anything about it.

I just got home from vacation, so I'm still catching up on everything. I might be a little fuzzy still..



6 years ago

how do you get the authors newsletter?

Look at the bottom of this page, there's a box saying "Join our Newsletter" with a field you can enter your email address in.

Oh, I thought there was an authors newsletter not just the regular one.

The contest had to be delayed for a little bit, but it's going to be starting soon. I have no dates at the moment, but keep and eye out, and you should see it.

Hey StumpChunkman - are these upcoming contests advertised in the newsletter also just postponed, or cancelled?
Metalworking Challenge. Starts August 22nd.
Home Renovation Challenge. Starts August 8th.
Win a ShopBot. Starts August 29th.
Any info much appreciated, cheers.

OK, I can understand, I just didn't want to publish my ible to early ;)

I see this challenge is now on, but no mention about if it is open to international entries .. please say it is. oooh, I so do love clay!

Unfortunately, it's only a little international.


See item 3.

May I ask what happens tp the International entries that were accepted into this contest? Are they just ignored when decision time comes?

That's pretty much right. We don't check entries for acceptance into the contest, but we do check for when winners are decided.