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What happened to the rich text editor?? Answered

When the rich text editor was available in the comments section it was the only way to reply or comment on an instructable.  Now there is no way to comment from an iPad which is where I spend most of my time.  It always comes up with 'missing comment text'.


Good question, but better suited in the Forums bug report section, where the admins are more likely to look.

Thanks. I did get a reply from the editors though. They mentioned the comment box has improved......but it hasn't it still doesn't work from an iPad but this comment box works. Which is to do with the rich editors being here. When the rich editor was available on the comment box in instructable I didn't have any problems.

It's been "improved".


Hi Jayefuu, On my iPad I still can't comment on instructables. When you had the rich editor in comments I could comment. Highlighting doesn't do anything but the usual. Thanks, Michael.