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What happened to this mercury? Answered

As a very foolish child, in a plumbing and heating shop, I ate about this much mercury.   I heard it stays in my system but do I need to worry?  If I ever do see a doctor again, should I tell him?  Also, should I quit eating canned Tuna because of this?  (I've been opening tuna cans the last few years thinking it a slow suicide)    Thank you



Best Answer 6 years ago

Did it taste like tuna?

We used to play with mercury in science class long ago. I never thought to try eating it, but we did make puddles of it in the palms of our hands. One of the things that was so cool about it is that its a liquid but it doesn't get anything "wet". You could stick your finger into it in the bottle and it would flow all around it and feel like it was wet but when you pulled it out all the mercury stayed behind and your finger had nothing on it (trace amounts I suppose). So it stays to itself unlike water, which means you polluted the sewage treatment plant with toxic waste.

But the real question is:  if you die and elect to be cremated, does the crematorium need to get a permit for burning mercury contaminated stuff? I suppose if you tested with high enough levels they would have to seal you up in giant zip lock bags and dispose of you in special landfills.

lmao! After thinking about it the last few days. Its all the Tuna hype that's even got me thinking about these last years....... and selling Tuna off a boat @ the dock to the general public! Thanks


6 years ago

My father played with me and demonstrated how Hg could be cut in half with a pen knife over and over never failed to rejoin itself...
I didn't swallow any though.

I would agree with follard, probably  "most of it passed"  through you.

In any case it was long ago and any mad hatter effects would have
been evident long before now..


that is a very foolish thing to do - with any luck most of it passed, but it is readily absorbed into the body through digestion, inhalation, and skin contact. There are no natural processes to remove it.