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What happens to "grandfathered" accounts? Answered

I have a quick question!

I apparently had something akin to a "grandfathered" account here on Instructables. So even though I wasn't a Pro member, I could view all steps, add to favorites, download pdf, etc etc.

I was gifted a one year pro membership, which I activated, but now I have the concern that if the membership expires, I'll lose all the abilities I had before.

Will my "extra" features be removed if/when my pro membership expires? I already tried asking the person who sent the pro account code, but it's been over two weeks and I haven't heard back.

Thanks for any assistance!


I'm pretty sure it is a bug - if I remember correctly, things like all-steps and the other pro features remained open to users who registered before for a limited time, but I guess some didn't lose them. :)

I second just making an awesome instructable every now and then... you'll be swimming in them in no time!

I've been wondering the same thing for a while. I'm not planning to upgrade to Pro in the immediate future but it's in the back of my mind. More relevant to me right now: if I get my username changed, will I lose my old-account abilities?

According to another post, these extras might be a bug. :( Any changes would make you lose them...I'm not 100% on this since no admins or anyone like that has responded.


It is, I had all these things before I went pro and when it expired I was back to no all steps and so on. I suggest that if you go pro and don't want to pay for pro, you better make some good instructables every 3 months or so!

OK. I'll wait until I upgrade then. Hopefully the admins don't go around taking the old features away from anybody who mentions them.

I think I posted the comment you're talking about - I'm no admin, but if I remember right, that IS a bug (it'd of course be cool for you guys if it wasn't :P ).