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What has happened to Christmas? Answered

Has there been some sort of Grinch around?
Really, it is the second week of advent already, and I still see no signs of it here...


Maybe they are trying to be politically correct and if they are I hate them. I have noticed this too.

Well, some of us are still posting things... even with our busy schedules.

Check out the Instructables Advent Calendar 2011 - that was started by Robot Lover.

Our little project hasn't got the featured status we wanted, but you'll see a new project every day until Christmas - and mine will be shown tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!

- canucksgirl


6 years ago

Xmas Mushroom ( houba ) in Czech

I think those of us that celebrate Christmas are too busy shopping, cooking, cleaning, sewing, shipping packages, etc. to actually publish what we are doing. Look for holiday Ibles in that relaxed week between Christmas and New Years. Now I must go make tiny tack for the horse playset we are donating to Toys4Tots. Deadlines everywhere! AAAAaaaah!


6 years ago

We're just  Halloween geek types, besides your town is closer to the north pole :-)

My wife has already has xmas presents.


I thought your Christmas was later than ours ?

Oh yes, it is, and we still don't celebrate it (mine is not quite Christian or in any way religious family, and Christmas is considered religious here), but I thought I could find some New Year present ideas here (like last year they had a special topic).
I even still celebrate the 24-25th December Christmas, as this is 1) my grandmother's birthday and she lived in Germany for a long time, when is way Christmas eve, so we like to have a tree with candles by then; 2) My school's official New Year play/dance/game/poetry night, because it is both special and not so important that people have to be with their families...

There is an interesting link about the holidays with Drew Carey