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What have I broken now?? Answered

Here is a weird problem, one that I find difficult to work around. Whenever I hit the apostrophe key, I do not get an apostrophe. Instead, the "quick find" toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen. ?? I just missed the full stop ("period") key and hit the slash next to it, and the same thing happened. Please, will somebody tell me how to fix this before I can only type "ggggg" because all the other keys do something odd?



9 years ago

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Very funny, but please remember that this is a family site.

i remember,but how can a bunch of g's not be fit for this site?

Sorry, thought you were joining in with Adrian Monk's joke (read below).

it was close,both are just a pile of G's but i don't know about Adrian Monk.

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That happens to me sometimes. Oh, do I hate that little bug.

I did PKM's fix, and I've not had a problem since.

I have the same problem, westfw seems to have the right answer...


9 years ago

firefox has this "neat feature" that typing something when viewing a web page results in a search for that string. For some reason in instructables, when you do things that open a box where you should enter text, firefox doesn't seem to notice that the keyboard focus should be IN THAT BOX, ENTERING TEXT, and still does the search thing when you start typing. In my experience, you can always "fix" this by clicking on/in the text entry box... I don't know enough about web page design to know what Instructables should do to make sure the focus ends up in the text box where it belongs...

So... it's not me?

Relaxes slightly

I'd best report a bug (Oh, look, it works today '/'/'/'/'/'/'/'/' Typical.)

My brother has endlessly cursed out Firefox for this "feature", but it has never bothered me. I think the problem is oner of two things: - If you stop typing for, say, more than ten seconds then press ', FF will assume you want to search rather than type. Typing quickly will presumably alleviate this, but specifically not stopping in the middle of an "it's" or "don't" should do the trick. - Alternatively, if you don't have focus on a text field then typing won't make any sense, and FF will naturally assume you want to search the text of the web page- if you click outside of the text entry box then type ' it will quite rightly try to search. Testing it out quickly, the second one is true for me but the first one isn't- if this problem occurs, make sure the cursor is in the text entry box, and if that doesn't work delete a few characters and take a "run up" :)


Reply 9 years ago

Google-fu to the rescue- a quick search for "disable firefox apostrophe find" turns up:

In the address bar type about:config

Navigate to accessibility.typeaheadfind.flashBar This entry should be set to a default value of 1. If it`s set to anything else right click on the entry and select reset. This should set the value to 1.

Cool, thanks - it was set at 0 (I'm not sure what I've just done, but I've done it.)

. If it only happens in Firefox, then I suspect an add-on is reassigning keys. (I can't find a key re-assignment option in FF.) Try disabling your add-ons, one-by-one, until things straighten out. You may need to restart FF after each change.

Maybe another key is stuck. If its on a desktop try a different keyboard. If its a laptop tap on the fn, control, alt, command, and similar keys to make sure they are not stuck

You may have reassigned the key. Run any new programs lately? They may have changed a key to work in a special way. You should update your keyboard drivers. A few minutes on the web should prove enough to find the drivers. Hope I helped.