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What have you done? I can't find ANYTHING!!!!! Answered

What happened to the categories? I am completely lost on the site now. If this is the new norm, them consider my subscription canceled.


Hi I used to get a daily collection of instructables in a wide variety of categories. All that changed on 1/1/18. I did not use facebook or any social medium app the email appeared in my inbox. I did not see any warning of a format change. I just want to get as close as possible to the way it was. Daily smorgasboard of instructables. Thanks Brooklyn 140


I'm not sure what happened, but I reset your email address in our newsletter service. You should receive our next newsletter coming out this Sunday. If for whatever reason you don't, please contact our support team at service@instructables.com

Troy (tomatoskins)
Community Manager


6 months ago

...and why, as soon as I post this, I am taken back to the old site format?!?!?!

That's weird. I wish I was too!