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What have you tried to get away with at school? Answered

Today, my friend told me that his homework last night for U.S. History was to make a timeline of Important Events in the 1800s. This is how he did it: he got out a blank sheet of paper, wrote on it that he didn't think anything important happened, and turned that in.

What have you or people you know tried to get away with at school?


- Shooting people with mechanical pencils
- Putting a prank flash file on my powerpoint show
- www.instructables.com/community/Cops-are-stupid/
- almost skipping school because it sucks.
- throwing paper airplanes during pep rallies (I actually got away with that one)
- pranking computers at different schools (I got away with that one too, because it was at a different school)
- Giving my # to a girl (It failed, but at least I didn't get caught)

I once blockaded an entire region of the lunch room with caution tape about 10 minutes before lunch. Everyone thought it was legit, it was great :D


I always fall asleep in school... But that's about it, I mean I don't really do anything worth mentioning. 

In my first period class it's always really warm, and it's really boring so it's the perfect class to fall asleep in, except for the fact that it's my hardest class :P 

I'm taking a class at the local community college (yes, I am 15) and one day no one showed up. The instructor said one student was here about 11:00 (I got there about 11:05). A couple of minutes later two more came in. They got bored pretty quick and left. So... I spent that class period talking with the instructor about inductors and DC-DC converters (not as boring as it sounds). So out of 9 in the class only four showed up at all and only one (me) stayed more than 5 minutes. It wasn't even a snow day or near a hoilday or anything. I mean, I didn't get much done or anything, but at least I hung around...

How strange. So the instructor just let them leave?

Side note: My city has a community college, and I'm thinking about taking a Comp Sci course there this spring. I'm 16, so I might be the youngest one there. I'll just have to think "older and taller".

Ummm....I got away with reading three books all of them about a serial killer in school. Does that count?

There are also countless times were I talked in class, kind of just sat there, do other stuff, ect when I had work to do. Nothing too big sadly.

I haven't done anything too big either, except for this one time as a freshman where we were left unattended and ended up crawling in the air vents under the auditorium. That was too cool. 

There was no reason why, other than curiosity. It's just something seen in movies that doesn't often happen in real life. This was in a class with mixed grade levels, and, a few years ago, some of the older students had figured out that a trap door under the stage led right to the air ducts. 

Cool. As far as I know, my school has nothing like that. Although there are a few rooms that seem interesting. Like I want to figure out which one leads to the room.

I did sorta the same thing as your friend.

I had an English essay on the olympics, and on the morning of the day it was due in, I realised that I hadnt done it. So, was I was in tutor in the morning, I got out a piece of paper, and guess what I did...

I wrote that many countries were in the olympics, and I dont know who won because who cares about stupid olympics? :)

Heh heh. I'm ambivalent about the Olympics. I don't watch them cos I don't have cable and never got the converter box after the switch to digital.

Another non-TV guy? In high school? Glad to know there's someone other than me.

When I was in elementary school, and had to do vocabulary assignments, which involved using a word in a sentence, I would commonly use:

"I don't know how to use (insert word here) in a sentence."

It's a sentence in itself, so technically, I'm using that word in a sentence.  It worked a few times, until the teacher decided to put a kibosh to the whole thing.

Nice circumventing. That reminds me of this bonus question on a math test: "Name two words that contain 'uu'." One kid used "vacuum" and "vacuums."

Just today in 3rd hour, I manage to do no work at all, and in 6th hour, I also managed to barely play my instrument, which isn't that hard I should say. All in all, lazy day today.


8 years ago

Hmm. I've never wrote anything like that, but I've gotten in trouble many times for reading, while a teacher is talking about something boring. (E.G. everything school related.(Other than math.))

Oh yah, I've gotten in trouble for reading before, too, but that's pretty much it as far as I go in juvenile delinquency in school.

My two favorites, both from friends:
-In my US Government class, we have to collect a news story, write a short summary, and present it to the class once a week. Since the teacher is generally clueless, a friend of mine printed out this article from The Onion and presented it as fact. The teacher ate it up, and even noted that it had good sources when the Department of HHS was "quoted." The entire class had our books standing up so we could hide behind them and snicker.

-A different friend, in a different class (AP Chemistry) faked all of his lab conclusions by simply filling a page with song lyrics. He received full credit every time until the last lab of the year, when he got it back with a note, "You have to actually write a conclusion."

Your school is different than mine--if anyone read that Onion article for a project, that person would get in mundo trouble. I don't have any teachers who are that slow on the uptake. Maybe, one day, hopefully.

Speach: *Croaky voice* I've got a sore throat...


Model: Buy one.