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What headphones should I get? Answered

I am looking for some new headphone for public and at home use. I have been looking around and I really like the Grado SR60i's, but I don't think they will work, due to them being open and their extremely long cord.

Can anyone recommend some headphones that would fit what I am looking for?

Here is what I want:
Over or on ear
Preferably closed
Good sound
Ok looks
Cheap (Up to $100)

Thank you.

Also if anyone knows, do you think the Grado SR60i or SR80i would work for public use, even though it is not made for it?


These are at the cheap end of the market so may not interest you but....

I used Sennheisers HD 202 ( £17). They have a very long lead but worked fine with my MP3 player.
The are very comfortable and snug, but not foldable.

I now use grey Skullcandy  Lowriders.

They are cheap, (£15 ebay, new). Wit many pivots that allow comfort and for them to fold up small.

Yay for Skullcandy!

I use Lowriders, Roger-X uses GI.  The Lowriders are lighter and much more portable, the GI isolate you from exterior sounds better, and (oddly) have a small custom-made bottle-opener that fits into a pocket on the top of the headphones.

Excellent quality for the money.

Sorry, I hate to break it to you but the Lowriders are terrible value for money. The frequency range can be found on much cheaper headphones and at 32ohms the impedance seems pretty hard to worsen. 

Just some advice I suppose, to avoid getting scammed by fat-cat corporations again...

You aren't just paying for the sound quality - there's comfort & fit as well, plus the styling.

Kitewife bought me mine before we found out they were a fashion statement.


8 years ago

First off, do NOT buy from Skullcandy or Beats by Dr Dre
This is because they are very overpriced, the beats by Dre are slightly better than Skullcandy, but are still very over-priced. It's a scam.

As for optimum headphones, look at the technical data. There should be a statistic called "frequency response" (or along those lines). An average adult can hear 20-20,000hertz (Hz). I own several pairs of headphones, but the best is the Sony MDR-V700DJ headphones. They are cheaper than their competitors and the sound they produce is in fact greater than the human ear can process, so it is optimum sound (it has a freq. range of 5-30,000hz). 

Also, they can go really loud, to 3000mW (apple iPod earphones are 15mw), which means you can turn up the volume to ear-splitting levels without blowing the drivers. 

Another point is that they have low impedance, so it is a clear sound. 

I hope this helped, and I appreciate being chosen for best answer if I am :)

 good ones duh lol jk


8 years ago

For public use I recommend a pair of in-ear "canalphones."  This is what I use when I'm out, and at work, with my iPod.  They effectively block outside noise far better than noise-canceling headphones, and sound far better to boot!

At home, you've got lots of options as well.  The Grado SR60i's are great headphones, but as you said the open design will allow in outside noise.  That's fine if you're using them at home - the music will sound nice and airy - but in public you'll not only hear everything around you, but everyone else will hear what you're listening to as well!

A pair of Sennheiser HD448 headphones might fit the bill.  They are closed, with a large earcup that encloses your ears.  They have a shorter cable, but also come with an extension cable for use at home.  Of course they sound really good as well!

Take at look at HeadRoom's "Build a Headphone Graph" utility.  It lets you compare things like frequency response, noise isolation, and square wave response on up to four different headphones at a time.  Very handy!


8 years ago

I bought a pair of Sennheiser HD448 headphones for $100 U.S. about a year ago and they are twice as good the Bose noise canceling headphones I had been using.
On an airplane or in your living room, you can't find a better pair for three times the money.
If you're going to use them with an MP3 player, I recommend you also get a $20 amp or you will have to crank the volume up nearly full.