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What helpful pages should I put in my diy notebook Answered

I am making a diy notebook and wanted to have some helpful resources page, like in the maker's notebook.
Things like useful instructables, charts and other things which a maker may find useful.


Conversion charts are always useful, especially metric/imperial.

Maybe the properties of a selection of electronic components, standard sizes of materials, strengths.

If you're wanting to put specific instructables in there, you really need to talk to the authors - if you are planning on selling the note book, you would be breaking the license of most instructables if you did not ask. Likewise, if you want to refer to projects by the name "instructables", or use Robot's image at all, you need to contact the site by email and request permission.

As to which instructables to consider, not a clue. There are over 130,000 to choose from, so you'd better narrow down the theme of your notebook before you can select projects.

Thanks kiteman, I am not planning on selling it. It will just be a personal notebook. Would they be any instructables which you would memorise or keep close by.

To be honest, not that I would need in a notebook. Personally, I would just want he general references. I don't know about other folk, or yourself.