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What high school is best for me? Answered

I live in Chicago in the 60640 area code what high school is the best for me i ruled the SAT,s i passed and this is my last year in middle school 8th grade YAY. i want to go to a high-school that specializes in setting me up to become a IT or robotics anything in the technology area


One that has a good English class.

no not really. when i was 8 i had the literary skills of a 11 year old no joke

Reading skills, and writing skills, are different things... and writing skills are something engineers are traditionally weak on, so they can be a strong differentiator when you're eventually looking for a job. As a generality, high school is not the time to overspecialize. This is when you want to work on learning how to learn efficiently, and build the base skills (math, science, and, yes, writing) which are going to support college-level study. If you can find a school that will let you get your hands on the things you want to do earlier -- that has a good after-school science program, for example -- that can help. But you're getting to the point where how much you challenge yourself is going to matter as much as how much the teachers encourage you to stretch. A bad school can be a disaster. A great school makes things much easier. But you can get a great education from a merely good school if you're willing to look for opportunities to do more than the minimum.

For a local question, you're really better off using local resources to find the answer. A very, very small percentage of the people answering questions here will be familiar with the schools in Chicago, or in any specific city or town. If you need help researching this, reference librarians love showing folks how to dig out answers.

uplift is probably the worst high-school in my area i dont blame you your not familliar with chicago