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What if i use multiple mosfets in paralell??? Answered

Today my dad brought me another matshushita photocopier. it was a huge one with 10stage output. It got broken some years ago and stayed at my dad's work. When i dismantled it, it took me about 7hours. it had about 1000screws and lots of wire notches and zip ties. The gears and the motors were absolutely incredible.

But when i went deeper i found a big 2200uf 400v Phillips capacitor. Needless to say that my coil gun will be very happy.

When i went to the power the supply the pcb was broken. but however i found a bunch of irfp450 and 2 irfp050. they are in good conditions. And a 220uf 450v capacitor.

i am wondering that if i put several irfp450 in a driver, will it increase its power output or something else will. happen.

I am planning to make a driver which will drive my 1000W transformer. It will step up from 32v to 330(using it's secondary as output. I got it from another matsushita photocopier that my dad brought ten years ago) it will be used to charge my capacitors in no time.

Here is a small diagram which will help. i'm doing this like so because i don't have enough money to invest in home projects.


You CAN parallel Mosfets, but ONLY if you can SATURATE the gate very quickly, in which case you don't need to add "sharing" resistors.

High power, high speed mosfet drivers are a MUST however, or you will blow them

my gate can be saturated very quickly because my operating frequency is between 25-175hz. and how will i blow them

If you are really pushing the current to some multiple of one device's ability to handle it, failing to saturate the gate (charge its capacitance) VERY quickly will cause one device to switch on before the others, and die, then the others go on the next pulse etc.