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What ipod charge pinout should i use? Answered

I am trying to build an ipod charger that will charge an ipod at 1amp im not sure what pinout i should use as i will be charging different ipods on it. Mostly a 5g nano, and a 2g touch. occasionaly possibly a 2g nano. have hard of many different methods. 150K ohm resistors, shorting out data pins, using lots of resistors, using few resistors...... could i maybe use line out too on my charger?, what is better quality? headphone jack or line out? thx many times



Best Answer 7 years ago


the video on that page explains it perfectly.

*the resistors tell the ipod what amount of current the CHARGER is capable of delivering, not how much WILL be delivered. The ipod reads this information then decides how much juice to pull.


would i need 3 separate 5v power sources? i would assume not since it is just too simple. i could probably tie them all to a 7805 regulator (power hog, i know =D ) and go from there. what do you think?? thx

those +5's are all the same connection, she just didn't draw the line between them all because it simplifies the diagram when there are multiple things that go to the same connection, they use a symbol like +5 or GND.

k :) just what i was looking 4. great answer!!!! Thanks!!!!