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What is Dada? Answered

What are the key elements that decribe the Dada mouvement?



A Dada project is a mixed art. It can be anything from words, to mixed up pictures, just as long as it sends a message. But of course you could research it on google...

Ummm...I think you're supposed to answer this essay question, not us. If you don't know how to do research, today is a good day to learn. Google, Wikipedia, Libraries. You can start with the link Randofo has provide for you and move forward from there.

Imagine that you are in Switzerland during 1916 at the height of a first World War. You are in a cafe and there is man dressed up like a crustacean and reading gibberish off a sheet of paper. That is Dada.

In a world highly shaped by the horrors and senseless massacres of the first World War, Dada rejected everything in its path including reason, art and beauty.

Dada is the greatest artistic movement of the twentieth century.