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What is The Best Anti Static Spray for Flash Powder ? Answered

I plan on making a small amount of flash powder for recreational uses, and would like to keep my limbs attached to my torso. What kind of anti static spray should i use? I can't seem to find any results on the web about what kind of anti static spray i should use... Does it matter? Is any better than the other?


Just buy it. Don't try to make your own powder.

Thats what i hate about Forums or question answer sites... When it comes to things such as this, instead of simply answering the question asked, they will waste their time telling the OP irrelevant irrelevant to the question. I did not ask whether or not i should do it, but instead what type of anti static spray i should consider purchasing. Please, if you do not have an answer, don't write anything. This is a DiY site, and you are telling me to go buy it instead. kinda oxymoron, isn't it? I have read safety concerns of the following project, but hell, there are DiY/tutorials on this site about making your own alcohol, knifes, guns, weapons, and explosives. You shouldn't worry about me. And again, unless if you (Not just you, mpilchfamily) are answering the question, don't waste your words. They will be disregarded.

Whatever. You want to blow yourself up go right ahead.

A spray will not be what you want as it could contaminate your mix and could cause adverse reactions with your chemicals. Use an antistatic pad and wrist strap. Make sure you and everything else your working with is well grounded. You'll need a well ventilated and dry area to work in. Preferably well away from your house and other people. Even if everything is static free, one wrong step in preparation can get you killed. Also wear all natural fibers. Any polyester or nylon in your cloths will create a charge and could cause a problem even while wearing a grounding strap. Using wood or stone tools and containers would be your best bet. Don't use plastics and metal.