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What is The Best Electronic Store On The Web?? (components, LED's etc.) PayPal Pleasee? Answered



Cons: long wait time for parts delivery, poor email contact, based in Thailand.

Pros: Cheap parts, good size selection, will let you know if they function nominally.

Hello , nice page that of led’s. I am here to tell you my webpage is and will be under development for long as I have no much time to deal with it.

I want those of you really interested in parts, drop me a message to :sales2@electronicca.com, I can beat many prices of that pages you show, I have brokers and good suppliers at china, there is a lot of fraud but I can do the hard work for you dealing with trusted Chinese suppliers and giving you a better price for your components, only notice delivery time to USA or Europe could be 4 weeks through registered post.

Do not expect answering next day, I have work manufacturing for people and not much time.

Thank you all and continue the good work.

Sorry for my English as I am Spanish.

The best I've seen so far is : www.HERO-LEDStore.com , Free Shipping Worldwide.
I have worked and have been a premier customer with them for two years and have a huge savings from this company.

Thank you


Hi, i own a store there is not much on store but i could get for you and give you a better offer ( or at least try )for the lot of components you need ( any electronics ).


I accept paypal i allready sell also in ebay the most competitive market, also anyone interested in resale i could supply.

oh yeah they Don't all accept pay pal I don't think any of them do. sorry

Free airmail shipping worldwide, and they have, like, everything.
I don't know about absolute pricing for led's. It's like 1.87 for a 10 pack.

I use Digikey just because they have everything I could ever need. Bit tough to navigate the site sometimes if you don't know what you are looking for. I don't remember if they take Paypal.

Mouser has a better web interface. Also, anything that doesn't take Paypal can be used with Paypal anyway as long as they take mastercard. Install the PayPal plugin, generate a one-time use Mastercard number and let the plugin fill in the credit card info. I use this all the time for places that don't take paypal.

I forgot about mouser, pretty good too. Digikey will send a paper catalog if you request it for free, again not much use if you don't know what you are looking for but some have an easier time using a "hard copy". We also have a Radar electronics close by that I can do "will calls" to avoid shipping. Anywhere but Radio scrap will do nicely though, most of what I have ever bought there has been inadequate in some way.

Mouser will send you a catalog too. Though both digikey and mouser catalogs are so impractically huge, especially when the web interfaces are good like mouser's. It's just easier to go to a computer and look it up, rather than flip through 1,500 pages of impossibly tiny print.

Another vote for ebay. Ebay is always good, you can get parts of dirt cheap direct from china.

Electronic goldmine or ebay