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How do you control 2 motors, 4 servos and 2 stepper motors for a RC airplane? Answered

For the upcoming Epilog challenge I was wondering if there is a 4 servo 2 motor controller for a R/C airplane.If there is can you give me the specifications on what to look for? Is there also a way to control 2 stepper motors from the signal from the transmitter, it has to be semi-light, or light enough for a RC airplane. How could a program both the motor/servo control and the stepper controller?


I'm sorry. I actually mispoke; you'd need at least an 8 channel receiver and transmitter because you would need 7 control channels to control all that, and they don't make many 7 channel recievers :-) why 7 and not 8? Because your two motors will be connected to the same speed controller and will only use one channel to control their speed. I get the sense that you're starting from scratch, using the parts you have on hand? I'd really recommend buying a new transmitter kit from a company like futaba. It'll come with all the servos you need, and they'll all connect right into your receiver, no need to fiddle around with rewiring and all that.

get a 10 channel remote and reciever. It'll run you some hefty money, but it'll do what you want it to do.