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What is a "collection" and how does one use it? Answered

What are "collections?"  I can't find any info other than how many I have.  How do I create one, what goes in it and what would I use it for?


It is the new version of the Guide. If you want to get one started, you can go to a project you want to add and click the +Collection button that is at the top right corner of the project. You can find collections that you are working on by clicking You in the top right corner of the page and click Drafts under Collections.

Let me know if you have any questions!

So it's a Pintrest Board. Just kidding. Don't answer that.

When I first noticed the collection button today I thought that it was a completely new feature. To be honest I never knew how Guides were born or why I would want to make one. Now it makes sense as both a way to organize my favorite projects as well as making my collections available to others.

Good work.

A collection can be published for other people to see.