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What is a distibution of linux for a beowulf cluster that can be used with a cpu benchmark? Answered

I have had lots of questions here recently about similar topics but hopefully this will be my last. I am good with computers but am not comfortable with complex programming. I need a distribution of Linux that is used for computer clusters that can have the processing power benchmarked. Is there a distribution of Linux for beowulf clusters where i would only have to install the os, connect the computers with a router and not have to use complex programming? if so, is there one where the total processing power of the cluster can be benchmarked? If so, what benchmarking software would I use? I will not need to actually run any programs on the cluster. I just need to be able to benchmark the processing power.


Try Quantian. Its a live distribution, so dead easy to install, and it supports Mosix

so is quantian the operating system and mosix an add on that allows it to be a cluster? and also, do you know of benchmarking software for processing power that would work for this cluster?

Quantian is the distribution. Linux is the OS..OpenMosix is part of the distribution. AFAIR there are some benchmarking tools in it.

Try it.


Which version should i get and where can i find out how to instal it?

If you're asking such basic questions, is a beowulf cluster an ideal project for you ? Why are you doing it, if you want to avoid programming on it ?

Quantian had some pretty decent notes. Its essentially a clever version of Knoppix.


Sorry for my confusion. Usually i just burn the iso file to a cd and pop it in the cd drive but the web site got me confused. I tried burning the newest version that would fit on a cd and it worked fine.

Have you got identical hardware for the members of your cluster ?