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What is a fake barrel for knex guns? Answered

I have heard some people say that some guns have "fake" barrels so I personally would like to know what it means and an example of one.


https://www.instructables.com/id/mepain_s-sniper-rifle/ on the expert version, the long piece made of orange connectors and white snowflakes is a fake barrel, it is just for looks and does not improve accuracy. it is fake because the ammo is not supposed to touch the barrel, it may if the gun is roughly shaken when fired or something to that affect.

A fake barrel on most guns is pretty much just a big hole that the piece goes through were it looks like a barrel but the ammo is not touching any part of the barrel. a fake barrel is just to make the gun look good. if the ammo never touches any part of the barrel, it's probably fake. a big giveaway about a fake barrel is if the barrel the firing pin goes through and the fake barrel are not on the same level, or the fake barrel is a lot wider. the only exception is really slingshots since they have no barrel to begin with, and so they can't really have a fake barrel.

Could you put the whole gun and a zoom-in on the fake part, cause i don't understand, repost for best answer.

I hope I have this right. A fake barrel is for looks, nothing else. The bullet still travels in it, but it's not usually necessary.

Well that's what he says on the step. So, it's his fault if I'm wrong.

it looks like an accuracy part. a fake barrel doesnt touch the ammo round.

I looked at the instructable again, and the round actually doesn't touch that barrel at all. The shot actually comes out below. So this is, a fake barrel.

A fake barrel is a barrel that does not improve accuracy of a gun. My AR-4 v3 has a fake barrel.