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What is a good assault rifle? Answered

I have already built the z35 and i liked it, but i was wondering if there is a better good assault rifle


my favorite is the g36c by tgrain

Can i get a link for the ZKAR if i copy and paste it in the search bar i get nuthing.
And by a good gun i mean:good looks-shoots 75 or more feet, is sturdy and has a (removeable) magazine.

It kind of depends on what you're really looking for. For example what does it need to qualify as an AR? The TR18 is probably the best as far as simplicity for function goes. The ZKAR is pretty nice as far as looking good and being fun to use while still getting good range. My BAW gets and honorable mention for its simplicity and magazine with average ranges. Be more specific and I could probably find some more examples.

The OSNJCKMA2. Or, even better, the improved vesion, OSNJCKMAEH. Or the ZKAR.

ZKAR and commando v4.

FN SCAR. ; p

you could build barrax's replica's