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What is a good book you would recoment for learning arduino programing? Answered

Hi, I want to buy a book that will help me understand arduino programing. I know some basic things about arduno programing. Any suggestions?

Thanks, David.


I struggle with with programming arduino sketches from scratch. I recently ordered Programming Arduino Getting Started with Sketches and now I'm finally getting a grasp of understanding a lot of things I didn't understand before. It's a great book to start with.

I have no problem copying and pasting someone elses sketch but when it doesn't work I'd have a hard time time trying to figure out why. A lot of times if it wasn't something simple I'd just give up on it. Now just from skimming through some of this book I can spot a lot of errors or how to alter someone elses sketch to do what I want it to do.

Thanks. It looks quite good. I will order it when I get enough money.

Any book you buy that covers the basics of the Arduino will just be a copy of the information that is freely available on the Arduino web site. You can get this getting started with arduino book. I did and it turned out to be word for word of the arduino tutorial pages.



just hit up http://www.arduino.cc and see the learning and reference sections.

+1, Arduino.cc and reading similar Instructables is all you'll ever need. If you're still struggling then it probably has less to do with Arduino specifically and more to do with programming in general. At that point try looking for some free beginner general programming materials online or at a library. Once you're in the proper mindset then return to Arduino.cc and learn Arduino specifically.

I know a little bit about programing and I understand the stuff I know but the problem is that I don't really have the time to sit infront of the computer for hours after school and work. So a hard copy of the examples and refrence would be good. I am sort of looking for somthing spiciflicley tyed tothe programing side because I already have 2 books that go through the hardwear side of things. besiides I have built a few robots and want to get furter into the microcontroller side so that I can do some more things with my robots.

Unfortunately the best way to learn the programming side is to be sitting in front of a computer and working out a program. Then you can upload it to the arduino and troubleshoot any problems you may have.

Overall the best way to learn it all is to jump into another project that will involve something about the Arduino programming you don't understand yet. If you hit any wall search for the answers on teh arduino forums. If you can't find what your looking for then ask there.

+1. I have never sat down and just read about programming. Just think of what you want it to do then, try to make it do it. If you get stuck with what you know then go to the website and dig around until you find what you need.
After awhile go back to your first programs. It will be almost embarrassing how you used to do things but they worked and that's how you know you've learned something.

Read a lot of code samples and try then on your own hardware.