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What is a good electric fuse company? Answered

I have been told that different companies make different quality fuses, and that some are better than others. This makes perfect sense to me, but I don't know what companies to avoid and what companies I should go with. I am using these fuses for a Curtis 1243CAN-4276 motor controller (they have a datasheet and manual on their website, the manual has more info), and they ask for one high current and one low current fuse. I don't know the current draw yet, but once I get that value I will put it up here. In the mean time a wide range of fuse choices would be nice.
Also a way to hold the fuses and bring them out to two wire ends for soldering is kind of mandatory.



5 years ago

Any fuse manufacturer that can tell you which ISO standard they comply with (over and above the general ISO9000 series) should be fine to go with.