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What is a good, free program that I can use to create my claymation/stop-motion movies? Answered

I am doing a school project and need some software that I can feed a bunch of pictures into (say 100-150 at a time) and it will feed out a video of some sort. Thanks!!!


monkey jam is the free open source program you want.it joins pictures together into a avi file.you do can also audio scrubbing in it and it can capture frames from a web cam.i hope this answered your question

Thank you sooooo much!!! looks great. thanks to you too, fozzy13.

Agreed! I have used Monkeyjam and it's a great software, designed with stop-motion in mind..

My son and I are just getting into this as he saw a bunch of videos on YouTube. Has anyone used teh Mac based software iPhoto and iMovie to make a video. I think these would work.

i tried, but i couldn't really get it to work that well......i couldn't catch just one frame and string them together... it looked too jerky (i like jerky) or mebbe i was being lazy and moving it too much too fast. I'm hungry now.

Haven't got a clue. All the claymation and stop-motion I've ever did was done with a digital camera and mplayer/mencoder for the setup. If you think it works I suggest you try it, iPhoto and iMovie are free for Mac-users as far as I know.

Sam Animation is free and designed exclusively for stop motion animation. It was developed by Tufts university with education in mind, but can be used by anyone.
I highly, highly recommend it - powerful but easy to use (a bunch of my high school students used it to make stop motion films illustrating velocity and acceleration concepts, and they all had a very easy time with it).

the easiest of easy programs is called anasazi, basic basic stuff

there are many different programmes you can use. most computers come with some basic softwere- like 'windows movie maker' or similar. your school computers would be quite lielly to have this (if not-suggest it to the I.T. teacher!) if this is a one off project, then download the free trial for 'adobe flash cs4' or a similar programme. if you need it longer than the trial time, and the programme is serial number activated (you enter a number in the box to get the full version)- then simply search the name of the programme and add 'serial' at the end. eg 'adobe flash cs4 serial' now you can get it for free! (you are most likely to be successful searching on a site that has a ready supply of user genorated info. i always start with youtube.com)

Quick Time is a great resource. Go to File>Open Image Sequence. With the now open dialog box, click on the first picture in the series, choose your frame rate, and click open. I believe it's on the free version now. If not, it should only cost $35. That beats buying adobe photoshop or something quite a bit more expensive. This video is my first (lame) attempt at animating. Good luck and have fun.