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What is a good free web host to make my website in? Answered

And it needs to allow illegal software like warez and such and please don't ask why.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Go with blogger...it will stay there for a while like the download corner and the free download shop.


8 years ago

<font>000webhost is the best hosting you can get. I use them, and personally, I think they are AWESOME! <br />You should really give them a try.<br /></font>

Have you tried the Russian Mafia? I'm sure they could hook you up with some free hosting if you agreed to smuggle a kid across Asia in your suitcase.

Seriously, if your activities are legal in the United States, but you want to avoid frivolous lawsuits, you can try NearlyFreeSpeech.net. If your activities are questionable but not illegal in Malaysia, AnonymousSpeech.com might be able to help you. You can pay to avoid legal pressure.

However, as NachoMama said, you aren't going to find anyone you can pay to go to jail for you. And you certainly won't find anyone to do it for free.

. Every web host I've seen explicitly prohibits illegal material/activity in the TOS.