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What is a good gift for my sister's age 10 and under to make? Answered


Layered cookie jars - layer all the dry ingredients then decorate the jar.
Baking in decorated jars. (see: www.recipezaar.com)
Make a CD of the child and other person's fav. songs.
A mobile with the chid's photo's and/or hand drawn pix.
Fridge magnets
A wreath made of (painted) handprints
Potpouri mix  (for the stove)
???  If i think of more.....

I'm guessing you're looking for ideas on projects for your sisters to do as gifts for other people such as your parents. 

Kids who are 10 or younger generally don't have loads of patience or a lot of concentration.  A 10 year old could maybe do a project that takes an hour, but you have to drop the time requirement as they get younger.  Some ideas:  necklaces, ribbon flowers, decorating a box, felt creatures, calendars, clay sculptures...  You want them to be able to do the project without getting frustrated and to have something completed in a relatively short period of time.  Throw on some music and make it fun and more like a game than a chore with lots of praise.

bath bombs
 thats what i am making my sister