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What is a good home substitute for leather? Answered

I've been wanting to make a simple sling (the weapon type) for quite an extremely long while now, but then I don't have access to leather (neither scraps nor a nearby store for that matter). I'm just wondering if anyone knows a good substitute material for leather that could be used in that application (slings)?


the microfiber leather material is the best leather substitute for you, it looks the same and feels the same as leather, very good physical chemical performance, excellent durability. you can get more information here: http://www.microfiberleather.com/microfiber/82-leather-substitute-materials-microfiber-leather.html

if you really really want leather, there could always be some hidden in your old furniture, old boots, belts, etc.

But a good substitute material for what you're wanting could be the material used in kahki pants, or denim, a couple layers of it anyway.
Theres also the weaved nylon type straps (found in most garages, backpacks, golf club bags, etc..
But as said by redneckengineer, places like goodwill are like heaven for do-it-yourselfers like us.

A old leather belt will work. Goodwill/Salvation Army stores are a great resorce.


6 years ago

Nylon straps like what they use for tie downs.

Stiff fabric - Canvass for example - Plastic, Look around for something suitable. Leather isn't essential.