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What is a good k'nex gun to build? I am new to guns and need help. Answered

What is a good gun that can be easily built but has great accuracy and range? I have not built one before, and am looking for help.


The Mr. Doomsday is really good and I'll be posting some mods for real soon!

TR18 ZKAR V2 Knexsayer NAR AR-4 V3 COMMANDO BAW pistols: Jackal v4 TBOS TBAP HTP The Desperado grenades/bombs: knex war bomb by IAC Cannons: Heavy cannon V1,V2,V3,V4,V5 A.D.U thats about it


8 years ago

Build KillerK's tr-18. or, build oodalumpus's Not-A-Rectangle. or, build Zak's ZKAR V2. Last but not least, Mepain's knexsayer.

I built KillerK's tr-18, started modding it, but it got too heavy. I couldn't figure out one of the steps in the ZKAR V2, so I will try at least one of the other three.