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What is a good k'nex sniper with good range, doesn't use a million pieces, and won't kill somebody from 20 feet away? Answered

-----Cool-looking scope
-----Hopefully mag- or clip-fed or some other kind of multiple round loading system
-----Easy to load and fire
-----Has easy-to-follow instructions on Instructables OR Youtube OR Knexinnovation
-----Won't use too many pieces and stop me from also building a semi-automatic gun.
-----Very good accuracy
-----Ammo won't slide out of the barrel if i point it down a staircase to shoot someone
-----Has a handle to carry it?



7 years ago

None of them will kill, even from 1 foot away.

They could quite easily actually.

Some snipers have enough force to break skin, who says they cant pierce your neck?

Um, there isn't really a sniper out there that has all these things, but if your wanting a good gun with accuracy and range, you could try the NAR. That gun can be modified for looks though. But I must warn you it's single-shot.