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What is a good material for a rorschach mask that i can see out of? Answered

I soon am going to make a proper animated rorschach mask, ive aquired all the materials i need except for one thing, the actual mask components.
I dont know what material i should make the mask from, being as i am using thermochromic pigment suspended in acrylic base, im not sure if spandex will work, also, i have no idea how clearly i can see through any of these materials. What good would a working rorschach mask be if i cant see out of it.

The way my design will work is numerous heat pads linked to a controller, the heat pads will heat up to around 40 degrees , just warm enough to get the pigment to change from black to clear, and essentially thats how ill change the mask pattern. ill have 2 masks in a sense, one is a thick balaclava on which the heat pads and wires will cover, so they arent right on my face, then a secondary mask will go over that, though when done they will be attached together.  the secondary mask will be white and will have the pigment on it, it doesnt need to be particularly flexible as the mask will retain most of its shape anyway when not being worn, i just need to be able to see out of it, my design wil lalso include a breathing and cooling system so i dont activate the pigment with my breath, or fill the mask with sweat as it cant be washed.

what material should i use?


The best type of material is a nylon-spandex blend, which you should be able to get from any fabric store. Just test your ability to see through them in store, before you buy, and ensure that it has 4-way stretch. It allows you a snug fit and you can see really well through them (but from the outside it doesn't look like you can see at all). There are many suits that are constructed like this, for a reference see Zentai Suit.