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What is a good programming project? Answered

   It should be something practical, while programming (I mean mathematics sort of programming, not IT). Also, it should be something grand- we have 8 months to write it.
  I would really enjoy a project involving some sort of DIY, maybe building something and counting its' stability, or analysing some practical results...
 Please help.


How about a simulator for a bridge rectified power supply. The maths is instructive, as are the results. You get advanced maths (Laplace transforms) , programming and graphical presentation.

What language ?


We write on old Pascal at school, but the point is to be able to write on any 'normal' language with minimum consultation with the "whatever for dummies" book about the position of symbols, so writing the project on C++ is also possible.

I 'normal' ones are called Algol derivatives... I remembered it the moment I posted the previous answer:)

The term you're looking for is "block-structured language". Object-oriented languages add another level of structure on top of that.

I write everything here in Delphi 2010, which is Object orientated Pascal.