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What is a good project to use Arduino and an Iphone for? Answered

 just bored, and i want something to do using an iphone and an arduino duemilanove


Dunno about just an Arduino and an Iphone but I can think of a use for:

a computer, an arduino, a jailbroken iPhone a touchscreen and 2 accelerometers... oh and Putty or OpenSSH (think that one's self explanatory)

Hum. If you get a wifi shield or ipod breakout board there might be possibilities. You could get some kind of altimeter so that your iPhone knows EXACTLY where it is (if it's a 3G - it would then have compass heading, location and height)

Some kind of infrared communicator would make all kinds of stuff is possible. IR keyboards, Ir stereo control.

It all depends on your level of programmer skill.

iPhone Zigbee controller?

iPhone Rfid reader?

Now an iPhone SD Card reader would be the best. SD card shield. iPod breakout. Dunno if Arduino SD shields are SDHC compatible and I dunno the transfer speed of an arduino OR the ipod dock but... sounds like it could be fun.

Or an iPhone game controller. That would also be cool. For some of the more traditional games...

There's quite a bit of potential depending on your skill level (and mine isn't high enough for most of these - at the moment) the Arduino has the power to interface electronically and the iphone has the power of a decent computer and a nice front end. There's quite a bit of potential there...