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What is a good sheet metal fabricating source? Answered

I have done a few searches and found numerous online fabricators that do a range of things from laser cutting to finishing. Are there any recommendations - ones that I should stay away from or that have a good record? On another note, I would love to support a local business or have a local shop do it for me so are there any places anyone knows of that are native to Cincinnati, OH. Google Maps hasn't really helped (or the phone book for that matter), any help is appreciated!


I didn't mention this in my question, but the closest one I could find that fit my needs was more that and hour and 45 minutes away. I need them to cut galvanized steel from a CAD drawing and it would be awfully nice if the could powdercoat it too.Thanks for looking though.

Pretty much any machine shop should be able to cnc cut (laser, plasma, otherwise) a form. Cincinnati should have plenty.

the problem I am having now though is that I have a curvature in the piece that I am asking them to fabricate and a lot of the responses to my emails are that they cannot make the curve. Another option would be for me to just bend the piece myself, but it might be hard to get a uniform result

What is the shape you need made? if it's a compound curve - it takes some pretty special tin-bashing techniques.

Its actually a blade for a windmill vane - a water pumping style wind turbine that will go up to a cottage (that's the reason for the style) - and its just a strait curve down the center of the piece. I thought about taking two PVC pipes that pit into each other and bending the blade between them. And after some more searching, I found a place in Indiana that will do it for me, but no response to my email yet

so you need the curve to the blades? most any fab shop should be able to put a specific radius curve to a cut triangle shape...

that's my primary problem, the whole process is using a machine with 3 cylinders arranged like a triangle, and the top one bends the metal down onto the other two, my blade is not wide enough to go through it though, so I might just have to do that myself

they should be able to round the metal, then cut it using a guillotine... Especially if the fins are too short to fit the rollers, and not too long to fit the guillotine.

hmmm... I'll ask, didnt think of it that way

A lot of places will deliver, have a look back trough the first link and see if anything looks good, drop a few e-mails. If I remember correctly the second link had a quotation-request button upper left. L