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What is a good site to buy leds from? Answered

I am looking for cool white leds in a 5 - 10mm package that run between 250 - 350 mW.




Best Answer 9 years ago

when i buy by the hundreds i use ebay and a seller cece718, i got 100 for about $13

I tried a few different sites but kept having problems with faulty bulbs, bulbs that buzzed with electrical hum etc. until I stumbled across ultraleds.co.uk. So far they have been very good.

 bgmicro.com all the way!!!!!!

I just bot some on ebay. $5 for 50 of them Asia Engineers

I generally purchase most of my electronics and LEDs from www.mouser.com. Half the time I've had my shipping upgraded for free by them too. The other option, and a really good one as well, is to try to find an Electronics Surplus shop or Electronics Shop somewhere around you, and NOT Radiohack as they often overcharge by a few hundred percent.


9 years ago

Another Answer for ebay, it's the cheapest and you usually get free resistors!


abctronics.com there the best, honestly, theyre really cheap. they only use paypal, so thats the only downside

Try to avoid Radio Shack unless it is an emergency. Radio Shack's prices are very expensive and you can often get 10 LEDs from an online source for the price of 1 LED at Radio Shack.

www.ledshoppe.com never used it but never heard a bad thing about it, only good.

I use http://www.unique-leds.com/index.php. About 30 cents per LED

Another vote for Ebay. You can get LEDs at Radio Shack for close to $1 a piece, or from ebay at pennies a piece. It's a no-brainer. And they often come with free resistors. Don't be afraid of the overseas shipping either, it's surprisingly quick.

there is a 20-pack of LEDs from radioshack for 2.99.

I wish they had prices like that at my Radio Shack.. Though $1 was an exaggeration, but ebay is vastly, vastly cheaper than the Radio Shack here.

This site is great on prices and has free shipping on all items. The company is located in Honk Kong, which means everything is dirt cheap due to the exchange rate, but also means shipping takes about a week. They have all sorts of cool stuff, I bought 20 IR LED's for $2.63.



9 years ago

I get mine at the local Radio Shack