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What is a good soldering iron for about 10$ to 15$? Answered

 Also, where can I get it?


Anything with a 25w element (best choice for beginners working with electronics), a well-insulated handle (I prefer cork, but that's less commonly available than it used to be) and plated tips (which you may need to buy separately). There really isn't a lot to a soldering iron.

You may want to spend a bit more and get a stand which will hold the iron when not in use (separate or with the iron), though that's optional. A few bucks on a tip-cleaning sponge is also a worthwhile investment.

As to where to get it... Almost anyplace which sells electronic parts will sell soldering irons, though they may only have irons that are really _too_ cheap to be preferable. (They'll work, but the handle may get a bit too warm to use for long periods.) I got mine from Radio Shack about 30 years ago, back when they actually cared about electronic hobbyists; they wouldn't be the first place I'd look now though I'm sure they'd have something that will work.

Burf's suggestion of shopping the web for a Weller is certainly as reasonable a place to start as any other. Weller's one of the traditional brands.


8 years ago

I'm not an electronics pro and my use of soldering irons is limited to re-attaching loose connections, minor repairs and simple electrical projects. I use a Weller 25 watt soldering iron I got at Amazon a year or so ago. So far, I have no complaints.