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What is a good way to strengthen (prevent rips) craft foam? Answered

I spend a lot of time making LARP/Prop weapons and I have a particular sword that has a very weak guard (That's this https://www.instructables.com/id/Ninjato-30-Alt-Z/). I end up fixing it after every rehearsal, because the foam rips (See the pictures and you'll know exactly how that happens). I'm looking for some sort of spray or paint-on substance/concoction that I can use to make this guard stronger. I use foam because it's a bendy substance, so something that will harden and then crack if it is bent is not an option. I want to make the foam tougher, but not stiff or brittle. Anyone have any ideas?



5 years ago

Use adhesive spray and put a layer of material on it.

I'm thinking silicone rubber would probably work. You could actually paint it on.

Good luck, Sadi!


Make the guard from a different material. A nice Foam Rubber would be suitably more resilient and still soft enough to not damage things. It will hold its shape and not easily rip like craft foam. Plus you can have your intricate design carved out of it without it loosing any of it's resilience.