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What is a knex? Answered

i have no idea what a knex is... plx help meeeeee!!!!



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Knex is simply a building/construstion toy. If you have not already noticed, there is a relatively large knex community. Knex was named for what it does: connects(say it slow-Kanex-connects). This toy consist of different parts: rods, connectors, bricks and flexi rods. Hope this helps!!!!!


8 years ago

K'NEX is a brand name of a construction toy system invented by Joel Glickman, designed and produced by K'NEX Industries, Inc. of Hatfield, Pennsylvania, USA. Currently Michael Araten is the president of the organization. The name is, presumably, a phonetic variation of connects, and is pronounced the same way. The toys building system consists of interconnecting plastic rods and connectors, which can connect together to form all kinds of contraptions. K'NEX is a construction toy, and therefore in the same genre as LEGO and Meccano. 

The most common models found on this website are functioning guns powered by springs or rubberbands. However, the making of weaponry is strictly prohibited on most websites, including the official knex site. This is because knex weapons are technically illegal in most countries/states. Because they perform little or no real damage, the law turns a blind eye on it, as does this site. 


any real damage, i.e lethal/dangerous/damage that will break stuff like glass.

Wait, the GOVERNMENT know about us?

No. Any 'toy' gun must have an orange cap on it to show it's a toy. Any that don't are illegal. Plus, there are only, what, 7 at most knexers here who are adults, so they're the only ones who should have possesion of knex guns, if they are not classed as toys.

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a gift from god.

i am a suspension master with these things(obviously)

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