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What is a nice, quality airsoft aeg rifle for less than $50? Answered

Please don't suggest that I buy a more expensive rifle, because I am not willing to commit that much money to airsoft just yet.


hmmm... thats a tiny budget for an expensive sport for airsoft. BUT... there ARE a few choices...for AEGs, you could consider the Golden Eagle rifle line, usualy found on amazon...these would include a sig552, a G36c,and an M4 (but none of them are called that, to avoid buying name licence form the real gun and keeping prices as low as possible) these guns arent TOO bad and come with reasonable accesories (red dot scopes, flashlights etc...) if you decide to spend $10 more, you can get the Dboys M4 with grenade launcher (my very first gun). this gun comes with a TON of accesories and is a blast in backyard wars... I dont guarantee these will last but good luck


3 years ago

Airsoft is an expensive army simulation game. You can't just get a gun. Also, you will get very bored if you only have like two friends to play with. I play with a group of 12 guys and its awesome. We all have gear and guns that actually work. If you want an AEG then the cheapest good one is the G&G combat machine which MSRP for $150. Get a job so you can afford usable equipment. Don't get into it unless you can afford it and play it for it's purpose. It just isn't fun when trying to play little back yard wars. It gets old very quick. Sorry to be harsh but, this is NOT a cheap sport.....


6 years ago

For 50 bucks you can't really get anything much other than a metal slide spring pistol or a cheap plastic CO2 blowback pistol. If you're willing to save up an extra 50 dollars, I'd go with a CYMA CM028.


7 years ago

I just bought a D-Boys M4, no GL, and 2 electric blowback sig sauers for $62, free shipping. Thinking I'll sell one of the pistols. Whatcha think?

glad you found something that works for you! Although more serious airsoft is fun, i sometimes find myself wishing i could go back to those summer days in the backyard, with friends armed with LPEGs and root beer... THOSE were possibly the most fun and intense battles i had...

It's a stretch but you may be able to find some chap who is getting out of airsoft and desperate to sell his AEG on craigslist.org But I'm with the other guys, you have to save up till you're in the $100 range.

Save up more money, cheap aegs will no last and will waste your money. However, i do recommend getting a mini aeg or an aep if your on a low budget.

I have had this problem a while ago. There wont be many good quality aeg's under $50, if any. If 50 dollars is your budget, then I wish you some good luck! However, many good aeg's will be around 100 dollars. Also, shotguns and spring rifles (one shot rifles) can be under that. Pistols are under 30 dollars. Automatic pistols will be around 100 dollars. If you aren't committed to spending a lot of money on airsoft, then airsoft is not your thing. Airsoft costs money, bro.

i dont think you could get a realy good one for that price but keep in mind that there is always cheap websites or stuff on ebay or kijiji for real cheap