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What is a patch? Answered

What is a patch? Im confused. Somebody please help! And how do you send one to somebody?


It's just a little picture file that attaches to your user profile. You get them by either making some kind of achievement on the site (i.e. being featured in the newsletter), or by being awarded one by a Pro member for reasons known only to the Pros (I got one from Kiteman for writing a silly haiku, for example).
You have to be a Pro (i.e. paying) member to send patches to people.

On ibles they are an arrangement of pixels.

Like Re' said, you get them if you throw a few $ in for a Pro membership. Click on my username and you should see two types: those from the site and those from other users (like Re' said)


If you are a pro ( paid subscription) user you get patches to give out to people.  They are just badges that say someone liked something you did or said or a thankyou of sorts.

Unrelated:  See also:  Repair or modification applied to something else in order to change its appearance, function, or undo damage...

A patch is a virtual version of the cloth badges people used to sew onto their jeans or blankets.  Have a look at my profile to see some examples.

You send one to anybody you like, for any reason you like (I have sent them to people who have written poems, had children, got married, or are just generally awesome).  They are sent with an accompanying caption and message.

You get them to send by buying into the site with a pro account.