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What is a piezoelectric crystal? Answered

I kind of know what it is, but i need a professional (Professer? Kiteman, my hero! LoL...) awnser. I know it is some form of crystal that when pressure is applied, positive (ions?) form at one side, and negative at the other. Also, how does a piezoelectrical ignitor work? What crystal does it use?



Best Answer 10 years ago

According to wikipedia, a piezoelectric crystal is a certain metal/crystal that when struck/compressed it creates an electric current. A piezo ignitor works when you compress the trigger, until it gets down to a certain point, then the makes a tiny hammer hit the piezoelectric-quartz crystal which creates a current, which flows down the two wires, until it gets to the end. The two wires are stripped at the end and it creates a spark, which ignites the gas.


8 years ago

As far as I know it is a natural ocurring Quartz crystal which just has these properties, The psysics I will leave to the prof. You can find them in lots of items, the newer type cigarette lighter NOT the one with the wheel and flint, Gas lighter, old record players, the disc in a tweeter speaker,smoke alarm, Oscillators etc. It works both ways Put a voltage accross it and it bends, or bend it and you get a voltage out.


10 years ago

you could proabably get a pezio speaker, and smash it with a hammer