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What is a really funny prank to do to someone? Answered


I wanted to do this soo what u do is that u mess up the whole house in the middle of the night and tommorw night they well think a robber came in ur house get help lol !!!!

get a bowl of water or better yet for extreme pranking, make it a bowl of maple syrup. put the bowl on half (door) and half (the top of the fridge). make sure it is the fridge. then tell them to open it and run! if you want you could also use a cabinet. if they ask why tell them you need something or you can't reach something the crackers. RUN RUN RUN RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are pulling a prank on a guy you should put ceran wrap on the toilet, then put lotion on the doorknob. The will go into the bathroom shut the door, when they pee it will splatter in their face, then they will try to get out but the doorknob will be to slippy

here is another great prank hang a bucket of water over a door and when someone walks in water will fall on them i did once so funny hahahaha

tell them a guy called for them then they will freak out then tell that you told them not to call back because you knew your sister and that she wasnt interested

this is a great prank to trick your family all you need is a popsicle stick you stick it under a locked door then call one of your family members names over and over again and when they come over tell them to look down tell them to pick up the stick but when try to pull it in hahahahaha

get some sqwerty cream when thay are asleep sqwert the cream all over there fase

ToothPaste Oreos if so look in my Ibles

get cereal or whatever and put it on a plate on the top of the fridge make sure it is hanging off the edge a little bit and ask someone to get something for you that way when they open the fridge or freezer (it matters what kind of fridge you have) then when they open it the cereal or whatever will spill all over them It is funny (I've done it before)

Ok so you get a coin and trace five circles on a piece of paper with a pencil (make sure it is a pencil)about where you would put your fingers. Then you tell someone i bet you cant roll this coin down your forehead after you press your hands on this paper. So they put there fingers in the circles you drew and press down and then they try to roll it down there forehead and they say that was easy.
But because you trace circles with the coin the pencil will rub off on there forehead and they will have a line on there head all day


8 years ago

In 1986 Easter Sunday was the March 30th.  The children and I had a great time hard-boiling and dying the eggs!  On Tuesday, April 1, some beautiful RAW  Easter eggs  made their way into Dad's lunch.  I got him with TWO and his colleagues got to witness both!! 

Next year, egg decorating will have to be Palm Sunday or wait until 2013.

This is the guy who asked, "Can my girlfriend move in?  She can help you with the baby."

The haircut that was more like a scalping was memorable to all.  For this one to work, you need a pattern of regular, timely haircuts, a little or a lot of alcohol and the unmitigated gall of a cheap philanderer with a sense of entitlement.  You would think he'd have noticed the piles of curls on the kitchen floor.

I don't think April 1st played a part in that last prank but it was even more hilarious!!