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What is a safe finish/sealer to use to make a set of decoupaged baby blocks drool-proof? Answered

I have decided to make a set of wooden blocks for my son.  I'm using Mod-Podge to decoupage pictures and designs, along with acrylic paint on the blocks.

I know that Mod-Podge is water soluble, so it could make for a pretty gummy block after a 6 month old attacks it.  I'll need to make it water proof somehow. 

On reading a particular Instructable on these blocks, the author said to use a non-toxic acrylic sealer.  I could not find such a sealer (or none stated "non-toxic") at the craft-store. 
What is a safe brand or alternative to use?  OR. . . Mod-Podge aside,  what kind of method would YOU use to make these said set of baby-safe blocks?

I thank you, kindly!



Best Answer 8 years ago

You can use either clear acrylic spray or polyurethane spray. Both are non-toxic once they have cured. I would give them 5-7 days to dry just to be certain they are completely cured and they will be safe for the young 'un then.