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What is a three phase supply? Answered



Best water analogy of 3phase AC that I have ever seen..

Great Find Rick !!

Problem is if you don't know what it is, the analogy doesn't really help. Some people still think electricity will flow out of sockets like water if nothing is plugged in.

However if you can't visualise the maths then an anology is perhps the second best option.

Do you need to use an electric sponge to soak up what leaks out and where can I get one?

Does the leaked electricity smell strange and is that why the cat finds the wet area there so interesting?

What color is the electricity?

You can soak up the drips with a small capacitor bank just below the outlet.

I believe the electricity smells like ozone, at least if you let a lot out at once it does. No idea about the cat is it called Joules?

I have a theory that electrons are green. I note that if you let them jump from one electrode to another although very fast they look green or blue to me, but a positron must be blue, that's just common sense so the electrons must be green.

Just my opinion.

Well, I'll start by explaining what a single phase supply is. A single phase supply is two wires, one named L, for "line" and the second one named N, for "neutral".

The voltage on the wire named L, it varies sinusoidally in time.

The voltage on the wire named N, is ideally zero. Although this wire can, often does, have big currents running through it.


A three phase supply comes with three wires named, L1, L2, L3, and the voltages on these wires are essentially the same time varying sinusoid, but two of them are delayed, shifted in timing, with respect to the first. The amount of this delay, also called "phase shift", is {0, 1/3, or 2/3} of the full period.


Historically, the reason why three phase power was invented, by Nikola Tesla, IIRC, is that it provides a convenient way for building electric motors and generators, since the arrangement of three stator windings, equally spaced 120 degrees apart, will produce a uniformly rotating magnetic field when driven with a three phase supply.

Conversely that same machine could be used as a generator of three phase power, assuming its rotor was simply a spinning permanent magnet, or electromagnet equivalent of this.

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Yeah. Either that or Wikipedia.

Well, I guess this is one of those kind of questions for which Google simply links to a Wikipedia article as its top search result, and also quotes a blurb from the intro to the article itself.


Google also knows the exact date and time when Skynet became self aware.


But, you know, that question is kind of an easy one.

A hard question would be like asking it when Columbus discovered electricity.




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Three phase AC electricity has very marvelous advantages over single phase AC that are found in our homes... Three phase naturally creates the MMF Magneto Motive Force in an AC induction motor to drag the brushless rotor in a repeatable rotating direction with excellent starting torque compared to single phase induction motors that must create a small MMF with a displacement coil and AC capacitor just to start rotating...

Three phase AC electricity also permits building light (non heavy) DC Power supplies that are much more ripple free then single phase DC power supplies...