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What is a transistor ? Answered

What is a transistor (( can it transform voltage for example from 5v to 12v ?? )) Which component can transform low voltage to a little higher voltage ??

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A transformer is what takes higher voltages and brings them down to lower ones. Bring voltage down is easy to do. Stepping up the voltage takes more then a single component.

Here is a good example:

That is the design process Ladyada went through in developing the Mintyboost. A circuit that takes a pair of AA batteries (3V total) and steps the voltage up to 5V so you can charge USB devices.

I found this nice little site that shows you how to make an adjustable voltage booster that can take 3V to 30V @1.5A in and offer up to 30V out.

Just a matter of making some fine adjustments to the potentiometer on the circuit to get the desired voltage coming out. Just keep in mind the less current you have going into the circuit the less you have coming out. Like it says there on the site if your putting 6V in @ 1.5A you can get 12V out @ 600mA. The larger the difference is between the input and output voltages then less current you will have coming out.

Pardon ? It is PERFECTLY normal for a transformer to step UP as well as DOWN. "!!!!



6 years ago

A transistor is basically a "controllable" diode--a component that can stop the flow of electrons, or allow them to flow at a predicable rate.

Transistors can amplify voltages, which may be what you mean by "transform." They do so by acting as a valve--the higher voltage must actually be supplied (it doesn't come from the transistor itself), and the transistor amplifies a signal by using it to control the valve, opening or closing it to change the flow.

The most basic transistors (binary junction) actually alter current, rather than voltage. But thanks to good ol' Ohms Law, it's relatively easy to covert a change in current into a change in voltage.

As others have pointed out, a transformer can "transform" one voltage into another...

You are looking for a "transformer". You can look up the terms to find what they are.