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What is a way to make your room look really pretty? Answered

I have to clean it, but I'm tired of the same stuff. Are there any decoration ideas that could be used for organizing my bits and bobs? My room is violet, with green and white accents. Thanks!



Best Answer 7 years ago

one thing i always do when im bored with my room is rearrange the furniture, having a different layout helps you think about your room differently, and if you need space, think about a layout that maximizes the amount of space you have, but doesnt clutter the edges of the room.

if you are a person who is into art, get some artwork to hang on the walls (if you havent already), or maybe put up some of your own artwork.

look at some parts of the room that would be perfect for the little things, for example put the nice, little decorations on the windowsill, or if you have a ledge or a part of the wall that sticks out a bit, put something there to show that it has purpose.

always choose furnishings that compliment the paint on the walls, in your case i would go with some brightly colored furniture that really shows that the violet is there, maybe yellow since it's violets complimentary color, and yellow always looks good around green.

the last thing i can think of is the decoration, one thing that plays a huge role in how you see your room is the lighting, alongside bright lights, get a nice lamp or two, you dont always want to be sitting in bright artificial light, sometimes a darker light sets a better mood for relaxation.

of course these are just the things i think about when i reconsider my room, whether you choose to follow these guidelines is your choice, after all, it is your room.

i forgot to mention storage, lots of furniture stores sell these inexpensive ottomans and lounge stools that you can open to put stuff inside, these are a great way to keep things organized and keep things comfortable.

there is also the less-than-pretty generic plastic storage cart, they have sliding drawers and often the top has indents of various sizes that you can use to organize small things you use often.

We could do with some more feminine input into this thread. Minimalism might not be in for Bongo Girl !


Play with the lighting - We use a plain vase stuffed with christmas tree lights as a table lamp.

Get some fabric that you like, use it to cover things up.


Minimise what is in there - A little objectivity and you will be able to get rid of more than half of what you presently keep in your living space.

Keep it tidy - a place for everything and everything in its place.

Go for pale colours - shades of white ideally to make the wall recede.

Multi purpose furniture will make more space, a coffee table that converts to a dining table, a book case that incorporates a table/computer storage.


7 years ago

I have found that clear plastic bins work really good for organizing stuff. You can see what is inside them and they stack so they take less room and look good. There are all kinds of sizes from little ones to huge.